Photos:Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji takes MIT & Harvard Kennedy School Students on Policy Tour of Lagos

Social entrepreneur and Public sector leadership and effectiveness champion Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji is co-hosting, in partnership with the Lagos State government, students of Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to a one week Public Sector and Innovation Field Trip to Nigeria.

According to Toyosi, “The Field Visit will provide a veritable platform for Engagement for Harvard Students and Faculty to learn more about Urban Development and Innovation, Economic Competitiveness, Democratic Governance and emerging Trends in the Public Policies of Lagos and Nigeria.”

The founder of RISE Networks & Print Magic added:

“It will also focus on the intersection of the Public, Private and Social Sectors as we will hold meetings with Top Government Officials, Front line Business Leaders, Women and Youth Groups, NGOs, Innovators and Start Ups, Traditional Rulers, Tax Administrators, Education Experts, Stakeholders in the Music and Movie Industries, Social Entrepreneurs, visit Tourist Sites and see the Infrastructural Landscape of Africa’s largest City.

It’s always been my dream that the World will come to see, experience, enjoy and respect the inherent greatness, talent, hospitality and hidden treasures of my Country and Countrymen.

I’m excited about the possibilities of collaborative efforts in strengthening the Policy Frameworks of Nigeria and the making of Lagos into a more responsive City as Professor Steven Goldsmith taught me.

I also hope that the World will now understand that Nigeria’s exaggerated poor narrative as curated by the Foreign Press is way beyond Boko Haram, Insecurity, Reprisals, Poverty, Illiteracy, Fraud/419, Cyber crime aka Yahoo Yahoo and other vices.

We are the Innovators, the Inventors, the Trailblazers and the Pioneers. We achieve everything out of Nothing. We are Nigerians. The Good People of a Great Nation”.

The 20 delegates from 16 countries arrived Lagos, Nigeria Monday night and has so far visited the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Egbin Power Plant, Sahara Energy, and Lagos Business School.

The delegates will remain in Nigeria till Sunday, August 13, 2017.

See photos below:



 Credit: BellaNaija

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